(In summer…)

In summer, when everyone’s stewing
In the heat of a hundred degrees,
There is nothing we’d rather be doing
Than to go for a swim in the seas.

But sometimes you feel on your footsies
A pinch, or a pull, or a grab
As though someone where biting your tootsies —
It’s probably Old Mother Crab.

She pinches your toes (none too lightly),
And gives them a twist as she feels them.
You’re safe if your toes are on tightly,
But if they’re on loosely, she steals them.

Then, off in the deep green water,
Where the purple seaweed grows,
The Crab Woman makes for her daughter
A beautiful necklace of toes.

So when you go down to the ocean,
Be certain you’re doing it right:
Bring a shovel, a pail, and some lotion,
And make sure that your toes are on tight!

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