(My Uncle Mike has got a bike…)

This verse is a prime example of the way I like to start silly, and then get progressively loonier.

My Uncle Mike has got a bike —
      It’s painted red and white,
And up and down all over town
      He rides it, day and night.
The wheel in front is six feet tall,
      Festooned with ribbons frilly.
The wheel in back is very small,
          very small,
              very small;
It looks extremely silly.

Now, some have bikes, and some have trikes,
      And some have unicycles,
But no one’s ever seen the likes
      of funny Uncle Michael’s.
He rides at a tremendous speed,
      So high above the ground!
He calls it his “velocipede”,
Because he likes the sound.

Each day, when Uncle Mike has fed
      His crocodile and kitty,
He puts a mouse upon his head
      And rides into the city.
And if the city makes him sad,
      The mouse sits by his ear
And whispers to him, “Marmalade!
And this will give him cheer.

My Uncle Michael loves to race —
      He’s won a lot of medals.
The children gather everyplace
      Where Uncle Michael pedals.
They give his kitty cat a snack,
      And pet his crocodile;
Then Uncle takes them piggy-back,
And makes them laugh and smile.

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