The Edge of Sleep

Sandman, Sandman,
flying by my door,
all the house is sleeping —
Listen to them snore!
I’ve been up for hours —
still I’m not asleep.
I’ve counted pigs and monkeys,
and I don’t like sheep.

Sandman, sandman
waiting by my bed,
sprinkling your magic
dust upon my head,
Please don’t leave me sleepless;
won’t you come and pour
on my weary eyelids
just a little more?

TOO MUCH, sandman!
My pillow is a dune!
My blankets are the ocean,
sparkling in the moon.
From underneath the bed,
the porpoises have come,
asking me for cookies,
but I have none.

Sandman, sandman,
come and give me one!
The sun is in the oven,
and it’s only

                        … zzzzzzzz.

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